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I’ve finished my Video Recording Studio

As the last screw was drilled into the plaster, somewhere around 1AM on a saturday morning. I was standing with glee in a small side-room that merely a month before didn’t have a tapestry, wallpaper, furniture, or proper lighting.

After an continuous effort which started around the middle of December, I have build a marvelous base of operations. And although it’s certainly not perfect, I’m glad that I have finished the construction of my ‘pet project’.

Felix Woudenberg, D66 Noord Holland – 31

[Provinciale Staten Interne Verkiezingen]

Voor D66 Noord-Holland heb ik mijzelf kandidaat gesteld. Voor de volgende 3 zaken wil ik mij actief inzetten:

  1. Voor het versterken van de rechten van de mens.
  2. Voor een activistische houding t.b.v duurzaamheid en het klimaat.
  3. Voor een transparante overheid, evenals goede infrastructuur.

Momenteel sta ik op nummer 31, stem mij zo hoog mogelijk op de lijst!

Het is tijd voor een nieuwe generatie.

Politics & The Human Condition

The human condition, it is quite remarkable to say the least, as we are imperfect beings, capable of descending from rationality into the pits of logic. And yet, within this wilful ignorance, lies the backbone of our human civilisation.

*The content you’re about the view contains quite a few abstractions, any and all included symbolism shouldn’t be interpreted literally*

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The human condition, it is quite remarkable to say the least, as we are imperfect beings, capable of descending from rationality into the pits of logic. And yet, within this wilful ignorance, lies the backbone of our human civilisation.

Our capability to wield catalysts of thought, even those deprived of any rational justification.
Our capability to imbue significance, into the choices we embody, the acts we commit, and the sacrifices we make.
And even our capability to venture beyond reality, to endure hardship beyond sanity, and as both madman and seer alike have ushered mankind for centuries to do; to be crazy enough to dream, and to be wicked enough to pursue.

And throughout this ludicrous endeavour we call the human race, we’ve entrusted leadership to wield the torch of doubt and chaos. Invoking it’s unfathomable properties to remodel our world, beyond any bounds of sanity. While doing so, reigning in its more, destructive capabilities. Even those pure of heart, would at some point, succumb to the desire of being unshackled from its doubt, likewise to liberate oneself from the increasingly distressing implications of one’s own reasoning.

The audacity required, to envelop oneself within this unmitigated chaos, it can only be found within those who are capable of radiating hope, as they plunge themselves towards a fissure positioned in between darkness and light, hoping for themselves, that they, are not be bested, by the empowerment of one’s own wickedness.

As a new generation of humanity, begins to inhabit positions of utmost importance, within our global bastions of freedom, .. bastions of democracy and justice. We will, create a blinding light of our own.

Forged out of the remnants of dreams obliterated by reality, for which so many ill-fated will have thoroughly paid the price. Forged out of the remnants of societal currents, undulated by those who gambled, as they paid the price for progress, which is failure sad enough.
Forged by a mere few, who will achieve greatness beyond expectations, leveraging their knowledge of uncharted territory towards something, preeminent.

No, politics. Politics is a battle for dominion, to operate rule bound entities, capable of coercing modern-day civilisation. Those entities themselves, .. they are powered through an array of relics, charged with the ​fervour​ ​of battle,​ ​skill,​ ​and​ ​struggle. The crowning achievements of political ritualism, materialised as beacons of ordinance.

The substantiation of these beacons of ordinance, it requires an intangible legitimacy. Quite often however, a facade is constructed instead, forged through servants engraved with time, as they stoke the chimney of politics with their paperwork and their college’s

The excavation, the delineation, and surely the confrontation required to forge an arsenal of unbound relics, is frightening to say the least. Even more daunting however, is a prospect that any unbound relics might be claimed by a nefarious ringleader, resulting in severe implications.

Although the decks, they aren’t stacked equal. And the rules, they aren’t perceived anywhere near perfect. That same lack of answers, gives us a journey instead. Bonded through guidance and comfort, anchored through complexity instead of solvability, since without a beacon of light, there is no need to have ground beneath our feet; for where are we to go? The gift of mortality, of uncertainty, of risk, … it allows us to forge that light, delineating it throughout the darkness we explore, again and again … The human condition after all, is quite beautiful, quite beautiful.